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Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Eat Potatoes?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-13 10:37

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Eat Potatoes?Potato is a kind of common food that are rich in nutrition,highly adaptable and high-volume.It is used to make various foods,such as French frozen Fried,Fried, instant powder,starch and cakes,etc.

Kidneys are the main emunctory of the metabolite in body.When lesions occur on kidneys,in addition to proper rest and Chinese or western medicine treatment,the alimentary control should also be strengthened. Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) is a group of clinic symptoms,including massive proteinuria,hypoproteinemia,HLP(hyperlipidaemia) and edema.

Potatoes are rich in DF (dietary fiber) that can promote the intestinal peristalsis,carry off the fat and waste and clear the gut.It can also prevent the caducity because of the abundant vitamin B1,B2,B6 and pantothenic acid,etc.The nutrient element in potatoes,like microelement,amino acid,protein,fat and high quality starch,is very useful to body.Besides,potatoes are a kind of alkaline vegetables that is benefit for the acid-base balance and can adjust the habitus.

So can Nephrotic Syndrome patients eat potatoes? What is the healthy diet to patients with Nephrotic Syndrome?

Actually,potatoes is one of the high potassium low sodium foods that are really suit the edema fat person.So the patients with normal urine volume and low-potassium can eat potatoes.On the contrary,the patients with oliguria or hyperkalemia can not eat potatoes,because the potassium ion may damage the glomerular permeability and cause the damage to renal inherent cells,which is a serious health threat to patients with NS.So eating potatoes mainly depends on the patients condition.

If you are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and be interested in potatoes,you can talk to live doctor or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com to get the free,professional and detailed guidance.

To summarize,the healthy diet plays an important role in patients health.So what rules should Nephrotic Syndrome patients follow?

1.A low-salt food intake

This is used to control the edema and high blood pressure.

2.Control the intake of albumin

Give proper high-quality protein,such as eggs,milk,lean meat and so on.

3.Eat more vegetables and fruits to increase the intake of vitamin.

4.Control the fat intake.It’s healthy to have a low fat diet.

In addition,efficient treatment is necessary to patients to control the disease condition. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Immunotherapy both are the efficient methods to remedy the disease fundamentally.

Hope it can help you.


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