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Best Diet for Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-16 15:40

Best Diet for Nephrotic SyndromeAccording to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diet is also a way to treat disease. Healthy diet and medication combines together can control your disease to the maximum extent. Nephrotic Syndrome is characterized by proteinuria, edema, low blood protein, and high blood cholesterol. Here is a general guideline to best diet for Nephrotic Syndrome, hope it can help you.

Low protein

Though a large amount of protein leaks into the urine, it does not mean you should supplement plenty of protein. High protein can only aggravate your proteinuria and damage your kidney, while no protein diet can make you malnutrition. So you had better have a low protein diet to satisfy your body need. According to your physical condition, it is OK to eat moderately lean meat, egg white, fish and other high quality diet.

Low sodium and fluid

To prevent massive edema, sodium levels and fluid in the diet must be low. Low sodium diet can also help control blood pressure. It is said that the fluid intake for patients with Nephrotic Syndrome is the amount of urine output in the previous day adding 500-700 ml water. And the sodium intake should limit to 1000-4000 mg per day. Therefore, food, such as table salt, processed foods, soups and drinks, should be restricted.

Low fat

Low fat diet is helpful for lowering blood cholesterol. It is recommended that saturated fats such as ghee, butter, margarine, dairy products and fast foods should be avoided.

High vitamins

Vitamins are all antioxidants, which can neutralize the free radicals that damage your body. With the improvement of your immune system, it protects you from flu, infection, colds and so on. These aliments can exacerbate the state of illness as well. Fresh vegetables and fruits are all good choice.

Other food

If your potassium, phosphorus level or other electrolytes are above the normal level, you should limit their intake.

There is not a diet plan that is suitable for everyone. What you can and can not eat change over time, depending on how much kidney function you have. If you would like to acquire a personalized diet plan, please send the corresponding information to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com and then our doctors can give you one after analysis.


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