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Can Nephritic Syndrome Patients Eat Banana

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-15 10:25

Can Nephritic Syndrome Patients Eat BananaNephrotic Syndrome can occur at any age, especially in children. Most children like to eat banana. However, when they are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, they may have to pay attention to the consumption of banana. Well then, can Nephrotic Syndrome patients eat banana?

Nephrotic Syndrome and healthy problems

Nephrotic Syndrome is one group of clinical manifestation rather than one single kidney disease. Characterized by a large amount of protein leakage, swelling, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipemia, Nephrotic Syndrome affects patients’ life quality largely. In this case, correct diet can help fight against this kidney disease, while any dietary mistake may cause healthy problems.

Some patients with Nephrotic Syndrome can still eat banana

If patients don’t have serious complications, banana is good for them. Also, they can get some health benefits from banana.

- Provide enough energy: For people with kidney disease, they are required to limit the intake of protein, so patients should develop high-calorie diet. Banana is a caloric dense fruit, so it can make NS patients feel more energic.

- Help maintain PH level: When kidneys can’t do their work properly, many acid substances will build up in the body, to cause the decline of PH level in body. Banana has an antiacid effect that can help maintain the stable PH level.

- Improve immune system: Banana is one good source of carotenoid, one antioxidant. Nephrotic Syndrome patients are at a risk of infections and low immunity, so they can eat banana to prevent infections.

Some other patients should control their intake of banana

Banana is one fruit high in potassium and sugar. Also, it can reduce blood flow and cause the build up of metabolic wastes. In view of this, people with high potassium level, diabetes or arthritis, are recommended to avoid banana. From this point, you had better consult the doctor online before giving NS patients banana.


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