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What Tests to Do for Diagnosing Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-08 15:52

What Tests to Do for Diagnosing Nephrotic SyndromeFoamy urine, obvious swelling and some other symptoms are usually the cue to diagnose Nephrotic Syndrome preliminary. However, patients with other types of kidney disease may also have these symptoms. To diagnose Nephrotic Syndrome accurately, some tests need to be done.

Common tests

For people who are suspected to have any type of kidney disease, they must be familiar with some tests as follow:

- Urine tests: It is used to detect the amount of protein in urine. One diagnostic criteria of Nephrotic Syndrome is protein in urine more than 3.5g/d.

- Blood tests: These tests can determine the levels of creatinine, urea, albumin, cholesterol and so on. They can reflect how well kidneys are working. Among them, the albumin level less than 30g/L can be considered as a cue for Nephrotic Syndrome.

- GFR tests: Glomerular filtration rate measures how much blood flows through kidney every minute, so it can show the extent of kidney damage.

Special tests

The above tests can be used as the general tests for Nephrotic Syndrome. To know the cause and the type of Nephrotic Syndrome, some special tests are also needed.

- Kidney biopsy: This test can help determine the cause of Nephrotic Syndrome. Through this, patients can have an overview of their disease and prognosis.

- Immunological test: If your Nephrotic Syndrome is doubted to be caused by autoimmune disease such as Lupus, this test may need to be done.

Now, we have known the basic tests for Nephrotic Syndrome. However, not all individuals who are suspected to have this disease should do all tests the above mentioned. If you are suffering from this problem, have a communication with the online doctor, so they will tell you what tests you need to do.



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