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Can A Urine Test Confirm Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-08-21 15:57

Nephrotic Syndrome,Urine TestCan only one urine test confirm Nephrotic Syndrome? This is a highly targeted problem, in order to really understand it, we need to clarify the nephrotic syndrome before the exam processes.

Generally speaking, there are four methods to determine whether the disease has been diagnosed as nephrotic syndrome:

(1) Routine urine examination: through the qualitative analysis of urinary protein, urinary sediment microscopy, we can preliminarily determine whether there is a glomerular lesion.

(2) 24 hours urinary protein quantitation: 24 hour urine protein quantitation in nephrotic syndrome exceeds 3. 5g is a prerequisite for diagnosis.

(3) plasma protein determination: plasma albumin is lower than 30g in nephrotic syndrome. Blood lipid determination: nephrotic syndrome patients often have disorder of lipid metabolism and elevated blood lipids.

It can be seen that only one urine test is not sure of nephrotic syndrome.

When the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome is confirmed, but it is necessary to know whether the renal function is impaired or not, to further clarify the diagnosis and differential diagnosis, to guide the formulation of treatment programs, and to estimate the prognosis, the following examinations can be made according to the specific circumstances:

(1) Renal function examination: the items often done are urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine (Scr), which is one of the items often done to understand whether renal function is impaired and its degree.

(2) Determination of electrolyte and CO2 binding force (CO2-CP): Used to understand whether there are electrolyte disorders and acid-base imbalance, in order to correct in time.

(3) Hemorheological examination: The blood of the patients with nephrotic syndrome is often in hypercoagulable state, and the blood viscosity increases. This examination helps to understand the situation.

(4) The following items can be selected according to needs: serum complement, serum immunoglobulin, selective proteinuria index, urine protein polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, urine C 3, urine fibrin degradation product (FDP), urine enzyme, serum anti-kidney antibody and renal biopsy, etc.

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