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What Are Common Symptoms of Minimal Change Disease (MCD)

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-15 15:00

What Are Common Symptoms of Minimal Change Disease (MCD)Minimal change disease (MCD) is one underlying cause of Nephrotic Syndrome, which is seen commonly in children and occasionally in adult. With this type of kidney disease, patients are more likely to have some symptoms. The following is an overview of common symptoms of MCD.

1. Swelling or edema

Obvious swelling is usually the fist symptom of minimal change disease. Also, swelling may appear in face, hand, legs, feet, ankles and some other regions easily. Accordingly, patients may also suffer from difficult breathing or pulmonary edema.

2. Proteinuria

A large amount of proteinuria usually occurs along with swelling. If patients find there are a lot of foams in the urine, it is more likely to indicate proteinuria. In some cases, the amount of protein in MCD patients’ urine can be up to 10g or more.

3. Floated blood pressure

The loss of protein and the decline of blood flow throughout the body can cause low blood pressure, while some patients may have temporary high blood pressure. No matter whether you have low blood pressure or high blood pressure, it is necessary to manage your blood pressure timely and effectively.

4. Hypoproteinemia

As too much protein leaks from the kidney, the albumin level in blood declines spontaneously. This can cause or worsen patients’ fluid and sodium retention largely. Also, hypoproteinemia can lead to many other problems such as dizziness and skin changes.

5. Hyperlipidemia

This is another common symptom for people with minimal change disease. If left alone, this symptom can cause further damage to heart, kidney, blood vessels, and some other organs.

6. Hematuria

It is reported that about 20% of people with this kidney disease have microscopic hematuria.

All of the above symptoms can affect MCD patients’ health condition in different degrees. If you are suffering from one or more, tell your doctor or online doctor immediately to accept some treatments.



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