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Causes of Minimal Change Disease with Hypoproteinemia

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-15 09:55

Causes of Minimal Change Disease with Hypoproteinemia Just as its name implies,hypoproteinemia means that the protein in patients is insufficient,which has effected patients daily life. Protein is the fundamental component of tissue cells and it plays an important role in keep our body in health. But more and more patients with Minimal Change Disease discovered that they are facing this problem and they have no idea about it. Here the article may can help you learn more about your disease condition. You can contact the ONLINE DOCTOR to get the information quickly and directly for free.

Minimal Change Disease (MCD),or called Lipoid Nephrosis is a kind of common glomerular disease in children. It can be divided into 2 type : primary and secondary. The reasons of primary MCD is not clear;while the reasons of secondary MCD is closely related to the medicine,tumor and irritability,etc.

In generally,MCD is characterized by the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome in clinic. That is massive proteinuria,hypoproteinemia,edema,hyperlipidaemia and so on. Actually,this disease accounts for about 90% of the causes of primary Nephrotic Syndrome in children under age 5.

So why will the MCD cause the hypoproteinemia?

As we all know that,as the disease worsen,glomerulus will be damage worse and worse,causing the decline of renal function. And the glomerular filtration function will be effected and can not work regularly and effectively. Thus the leakage of protein will become more serious,causing the lack of protein in body. As the disease deteriorate,this lack will be severer,and it can be called hypoproteinemia.

The lack of protein cause many other questions. It can not keep and control the water in body,leading to the edema. Besides,it effects the physical and intellectual development of the children badly and reduce the immunity.

So it is necessary for patients to supplement the protein that they need. A high quality foods are beneficial for patients to increase their absorption of protein and strengthen their immunity.

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