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Why Do Minimal Change Disease Cause Bubbles in Urine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-13 17:10

Why Do Minimal Change Disease Cause Bubbles in Urine Bubbles in urine mainly caused by increased surface tension of urine. There are some organic or inorganic substance in urine,causing the bubbles in it. It is a bad symptom that remind the people of the renal damage. Most of Minimal Change Disease patients may suffer from this symptom,but they do not have idea about it. Here the article can help you learn more about your disease. ONLINE DOCTOR can help you get more information about your disease quickly and directly for free.

Minimal Change Disease is more common to see in children that is a kind of renal disease caused by various reasons. It usually accompany the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome. That is massive proteinuria,edema and hematuria.

As the disease develop,the glomerular filtration function will be damaged,leading to the decreased GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate). And electrostatic and mechanical barrier will damaged badly,which causes the leakage of macromolecular substances,such as protein,red blood cells,and so on. With the disease worsen,this leakage will become worse and worse and the leakage of protein will also deteriorate. And then ,you may discover that there are bubbles in urine.

In Western,your doctor may advise you take ACEI or ARB to control or relieve the leakage of protein. Actually,they are really play an important role in limiting the increased high blood pressure and the leakage of protein. But as we all know that they can not treat your damaged kidneys.

I want you can live your life without the help of machine. I hope you are living a happy life. You may need some other therapies to slove your kidney problems. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be more suitable for your kidney disease condition. It can remedy your kidney damage fundamentally and provide a better space for your renal repair.

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