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How to Control the Symptom of Swelling for Patients with MCD

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-29 14:32

How to Control the Symptom of Swelling for Patients with MCDFor patients with minimal change disease, they often have the symptom of swelling. Then some patients may have question like how to control the symptom of swelling for patients with MCD.

Why patients with minimal change disease have the symptom of swelling?

As we know, kidneys have functions of filtering wastes and toxins in blood and excreting the excess fluid. And glomeruli do a primary job in these kidney functions. Minimal change disease is a glomerular disease and some of the glomeruli are damaged, So the kidney cannot do a good job as normal. The excess fluid cannot excrete from the body, and accumulate in body, which will cause edema or swelling.

On the other hand, the kidney also can regulate the balance of electrolyte. But the damage of glomeruli will cause the sodium retained in the body, which will cause water-sodium retention. Then swelling will appear.

And the swelling often occurs in eyelids, lower legs, ankles and hands. If the swelling is not controlled effectively, it will aggravate the deterioration of illness condition.

How to control the symptom of swelling for patients with MCD?

1. Limit the fluid intake everyday

The damaged glomeruli cannot excrete the excess fluid, so patients should limit the fluid intake in order to reduce the kidney burden.

2. Limit the salt and sodium intake

Patients who have edema with MCD should limit the salt and sodium intake. They need to eat less or no table salt in the diet, because too much salt intake will increase the edema degree.

Besides, they should also limit the sodium foods such as cheese, salt snack, cured meats and pickles.

3. Take medicines to control swelling

If the swelling is too serious, patients need to take some medicines which can remission the symptom of edema.

The amount of salt intake and fluid intake and the medicines they need to take are depending on the illness condition of patients, so it’s better for them to follow the advices of their doctors. A better control of swelling will slow down the kidney damage and make a good prognosis to them.


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