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How to Treat Relapses for Children with MCD

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-23 15:46

How to Treat Relapses for Children with MCDMinimal change disease is a main cause of nephrotic syndrome, and it often has some obvious symptoms like proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and blood urine. Compared with other pathological pattern of nephrotic syndrome, MCD has a better prognosis. MCD patients often have a good result in the glucocorticoid treatment, however it is easy to relapse. Then parents may have a question:how to treat relapses for children with MCD.

When will the minimal change disease come back?

Most children with MCD will have relapse during their lives, and these relapses can be treated with medicine. The relapses often appear when the child gets sick with a cold or any other illness, but when the child is well, they may also get relapses. We don’t know the factors which can cause relapses. Relapses often get better with treatments. Most children with MCD will stop having relapses when they reaches their teenage years, but a few may still have relapses when they are as adults.

How to treat the relapses?

1.keep a rational diet

Children with MCD should keep a rational diet. They should follow the advices of their doctors depending on their illness condition. There are some general dietary principles such as low salt and sodium intake, taking proper protein and limiting fluid intake. Parents should prepare the diet strictly.

2.get rid of the infections

Infections will cause the aggravation of MCD, so patients should take care of their child away from cold or any other disease.

3.take effective medicines timely

Children with MCD should take effective medicines timely, such as prednisone (in tablets) or prednisolone (in a liquid). The doctors will give the medicines depending on their symptoms. Most children can stop taking medicines when they get better, but they can only stop taking the medicines when the doctors tell them. It’s very important to take the medicine following the doctors’ advices. If they stop taking medicine suddenly, their illness may get worse.

Parents should pay attention to their child who gets MCD, and having effective treatments timely. An early and effective treatment and prevention of relapses will make the children with MCD having a good prognosis.



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