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Diet for Patients With Minimal Change Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-23 15:08

Diet for Patients With Minimal Change DiseasePatients with minimal change disease often have the symptoms such as proteinuria, swelling and high cholesterol. If they want to remedy their illness, they should have effective treatments. Otherwise, they should also pay attention to their daily diet which is very important for their illness condition. They should have a well-planed diet depending on their illness condition and the symptoms they have.

Diet for patients with minimal change disease

1. Patients with MCD should limit the salt intake.

For patients with a symptom of severe swelling, they should avoid any salt intake. Because the salt intake will aggravate the degree of swelling which will increase the progression of illness condition. For patients with lessened but still existed swelling should take a low-salt diet. When the swelling disappears and the plasma protein returns into a normal level, they can have a general diet.

2. Patients should also limit the protein intake.

Because of the damages of glomerular filtration membrane, patients with MCD will have a common symptom of massive proteinuria. So, if people take too much protein, it will increase the kidney burden and aggravate the glomerular damage. On the other hand, the leakage of protein will lead to the lower of the plasma colloid osmotic pressure and let the water in patients’ body permeate into the tissue spaces. Therefore, patients with MCD should restrict their protein intake and they should take the foods with high quality protein, such as milk, egg whites, meat and fish.

3. Patients should control the fat intake.

Patients with MCD often have the symptom of hyperlipemia, so they should limit the fat intake. Therefore, they should limit the foods that are rich in animal fat.

4. They should also take vitamin, calcium and microelement.

Because of the restriction of diet and the leakage out of the elements and hormones in the urine, the patients may lack of calcium, magnesium and zinc,etc. Therefore, patients should supply these nutrients from medicines or foods.

For patients with minimal change disease, they should follow these dietary principles. But the illness condition is different from case to case, it’s better for patients to get the advices from their doctors and get a personalized recipe.



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