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Can Patients With Minimal Change Disease eat Egg

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-23 15:06

Can Patients With Minimal Change Disease eat EggCan patients with minimal change disease eat egg? This is a common question for patients with MCD. For kidney patients, they should have a strict diet and they should know exactly what to eat and what not to eat. Having a correct diet will improve their illness condition and slow down the kidney damage.

Egg is a common food in our daily life, and it contains abundant protein. As we know, protein is a necessary nutrient for our body to function well. But for minimal change disease patients, they should limit their protein intake everyday. Because patients often have a common symptom of proteinuria, some of them may think they should take more protein in order to supply the protein they are leaking out. But it’s wrong of them. The reason why they have proteinuria is because of their damaged glomeruli, and the damaged glomeruli cannot prevent the protein from leaking out. If patients take too much protein, it will increase the damage of glomeruli and reduce the kidney function more severely.

In order to reduce the burden of their impaired kidney, patients with minimal change disease should limit their protein intake. They need to take some high quality protein foods which can reduce the excretion of urea nitrogen. Egg white is a common source of high quality protein food, and it produces less urea nitrogen.

Besides, they should also control the amount of protein they take everyday. The amount they should take is depending on their illness condition, so patients need to follow the advices of their doctors to take proper protein.

On the other hand, egg yolk also contains many nutrients. But for patients with minimal change disease, they need to stay away from egg yolk, because of its high cholesterol. MCD patients always have the symptom of hyperlipidemia, so they should limit the intake of high cholesterol foods.

Therefore, it’s better for patients to eat egg white, but it’s bad for them to eat egg yolk. Patients with minimal change disease should follow the advices of their doctors depending on their illness. Before they eat some foods, it’s better for them to think if they can eat or not.



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