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How Can Slow Down Lupus

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-18 10:48

How Can Slow Down LupusHow can slow down Lupus? Lupus is one autoimmune disorder that can cause damage to many other organs such as kidneys, heart, skin, etc. Effective treatments can help slow down Lupus progress and prevent further damage. How to slow down Lupus?

What causes Lupus?

In the test, we find many kinds of antibodies in Lupus patients’ body. Normally, these antibodies can be discharged out via immune system. However, with abnormal immune system, these antibodies and their corresponding antigens will form immune complexes and build up in the blood. With blood circulation, these immune complexes can deposit in different organs and cause damage.

What treatments can slow down Lupus?

Since Lupus is one systemic disorder, the treatment should be able to not only ease patients’ symptoms but also remove immune complexes and regulate immune system.

1. Tight control Lupus symptoms

Lupus patients often have fatigue, fever, weight loss, skin rash, arthritis, swelling, proteinuria, etc. All of these symptoms can affect patient’s life quality largely and may worsen patients’ illness condition. For example, proteinuria can induce kidney damage easily, known as Lupus Nephritis. Therefore, patients should take medications to control their symptoms actively.

2. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is one treatment created for treating autoimmune disorders. With the guidance of scientific diagnosis, doctors can apply immune clearance and immune tolerance to remove immune complexes, inhibit immune reaction and maintain a clean internal environment. Then, immune adjustment and immune protection are taken to regulate immune system for preventing Lupus recurrence.

3. Avoid forbidden foods

Some foods are suspected to have a side effect of causing Lupus or worsening patients’ illness condition. In this case, patients are recommended to avoid these foods such as saturated fat, alfalfa and salty foods, etc. To get a food list in detail, you can leave a message to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.

With the joint effects of medical therapies and diet plan, we can slow down the progress of Lupus and prevent its complications successfully. Never miss the best treatment time.


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