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High Uric Acid in Lupus: How to Lower It

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-14 09:15

High Uric Acid in Lupus: How to Lower ItHigh uric acid level in Lupus is the direct cause of joint pain, arthritis and muscle weakness. Most often, Lupus, or SEL, gets worse and worse within several months to several years, so do their complications. To remove build up of uric acid in the blood can help deal with some discomforts.

Learn more about deposits of uric acid in body

Uric acid is one by-product of purine. Normally, 2/3 of uric acid is excreted by kidneys, and 1/3 is discharged out by shit and sweating. Lupus is one systemic disorder that can attack many other organs. Among them, kidney is just one potential organ to involve in Lupus. When kidneys fail to work properly, a lot of waste products including uric acid will build up in the blood. Then, this may trigger a series of problems.

Four remedies to reduce high uric acid level for Lupus patients

1. Avoid purine-containing foods

This is taken to reduce the formation of uric acid. In our daily life, animal giblets, some seafoods, bean, meat, turkey, etc, contain high amount of purine, so people with high uric acid level in blood had better avoid these foods. Learn more about this kind of food, welcome to contact us by kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.

2. Increase the sweating amount

Medicated Bath is one therapy that can improve blood circulation all over the body and prompt sweating. Nearly all patients can sweat a lot after every medicated bath, and more uric acid can be removed out by sweating.

3. Increase intestinal tract excretion

Chinese medicine enema therapy can help prompt intestinal tract to remove more waste products including uric acid. For this reason, enema therapy can help reduce high uric acid level.

4. Drink enough water and avoid alcohol

If you still have enough urine output, drinking enough water can help stimulate the kidneys to eliminate uric acid. Alcohol, especially beer, can break down and produce uric acid, so patients should avoid it.

Besides, many other therapies can also help lower high uric acid for Lupus patients. Try to find out which remedies suit you with doctor’s help.


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