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Home Remedies for Patients with Lupus and Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-10-25 16:45

Home Remedies for Patients with Lupus and Kidney DiseaseLupus, or SLE, is a systemic disease that can attack kidneys easily. If you have both lupus and kidney disease, medical treatments are quite necessary to control your disease. Besides, home remedies also play an important role.

Home remedies refer to treatments or nursing cares can be taken at home, including diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. Paying attention to the following home remedies, you can get a great benefit that medical therapies can’t give you.

Arrange a scientific diet

Consulting the online doctor, you will find a diet for Lupus and kidney disease is strict. On one hand, to reduce the burden on kidneys, you should limit the intake of sodium and protein. On the other hand, some foods such as red meat and alfalfa are harmful for Lupus patients, so you had better avoid them.

Learn to release your stress

It is reported that stress may trigger symptoms of lupus. Keep your daily schedule as simple as possible, have frequent talk with friends and relatives, do something what you love, etc. All of these can help reduce your mental stress.

Do regular exercise

The onset of Lupus and kidney disease has a close link with low immunity. Doing regular exercise can help boost immunity so as to fight against infections, lupus and kidney disease largely. However, you should stay away from strenuous exercise such as football, basketball, boxing, running, etc.

Take care of your skin

A lupus rash may appear in your skin. In this case, taking care of your skin is quite necessary. Avoid the sun, take medicated bath and prevent radiation that are good for your skin. Besides, keeping your skin clean is also very helpful.

Many other home remedies are useful for patients with Lupus and kidney disease. As for which one is available for you, it depends on your specific condition. Make sure you have consulted the doctor before taking any home remedy.


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