Top 5 Diet Tips for Lupus Patients

2013-10-25 16:38

Top 5 Diet Tips for Lupus PatientsLupus, also known as SLE, is systemic autoimmune disease that can involve many organs and systems including skin, bone, muscle, lung, heart, blood and kidney. Even though foods can’t either cause or cure Lupus, a healthy diet is still crucial for patients with Lupus. If you happen to experience this disease, read on to learn about top 5 diet tips for Lupus.

Top 1: Limit the intake of saturated fat

Saturated fat can worsen Lupus and cause heart disease, so people with Lupus had better limit the intake of saturated fat and switch from red meat to fatty fish. This is because red meat is one rich source of saturated fat, while fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for Lupus patients.

Top 2: Eat more high-calcium foods

To treat Lupus, steroid and immunosuppressive agents are used commonly. These medicines usually have a quick and obvious effect on alleviating symptoms of Lupus, but meanwhile they also cause many side effects like bone disease. To combat fracture and other bone problems, foods high in calcium are needed.

Top 3: Try to avoid alfalfa

Alfalfa is one food that can make the immune system overwork and aggravate Lupus system. Also, the L-canavanine in alfalfa may induce Lupus. For this reason, this food shouldn’t be on your dinner plate if you are suffering from this disease.

Top 4: Control the intake of salt

Salt is one important source of sodium that can increase blood pressure and worsen edema. Too high blood pressure will cause cardiovascular disease. Therefore, canned foods, processed foods, salty condiments, cheese, etc, should be limited.

Top 5: Develop a low-protein diet

Kidney is involved easily in Lupus. If you also have kidney disease or proteinuria, you may need to restrict your protein intake to 0.8g/kg every day or less. On the other hand, take more high-quality protein such as fish, egg white, milk, etc.

The above are some general diet tips for Lupus patients. If you want to get a personalized diet plan, you can describe your illness condition or send your test report to Dietitian here can give you a detailed diet plan.

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