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Renal Tubule-interstitium Injury in Lupus Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-09-27 15:54

Renal Tubule-interstitium Injury in Lupus NephritisChronic Tubulointerstitial Nephritis,called CTIN,is a set of clinical syndrome that is mainly characterized by renal tubular atrophy and renal interstitial fibrosis,etc. Lupus Nephritis is a cause that will lead to the appearance of it or aggravate the tubular damage. Here the article will offer more details about CTIN,hoping this can help you take better care of yourself and avoid Kidney Failure. Online Doctor can offer more details for your own,hoping you can choose a better therapy for you diease.

For most of patients with CTIN,infections are one of the common reasons. For Lupus Nephritis patients,long-term hormonotherapy effects their immunity badly,making infections be easier to happen. Once patients are infected,renal lesions will worsen or even aggravate Kidney Failure. If there are no timely and effective treatments,it is easy to develop Kidney Failure or ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease).

Besides,drug or poison also make a difference on patients’ renal interstitium. Long-term use of painkiller and antibiotics with renal toxicity,including NSAIDs,Aminoglycoside Antibiotics,Amphotericin B and CyA,etc,will also aggravate patients’ disease condition.

In clinic,there are several clinical manifestations that can show patients’ CTIN as follows:

1. Recurrent nephropyelitis or abuse of pain relievers

2. Unexplained azotemia,abnormal urine routine inspection,proteinuria and so.

3. The manifestation of impaired renal tubules :increased,frequent urination in night,tubular proteinuria.

4. Patients may suffer from high chloride metabolic acidosis,polydipsia,etc.

5. In the late of the disease,patients may suffer from high blood pressure or even develop Kidney Failure.

There are no special treatments that can be used to solve patients’ problem. Heteropathy can help them control and relieve their condition to some extent. Treating patients’ fundamental case is the unique way to prevent the renal lesions.

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