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How Can Lupus Nephritis patients Give Birth to Healthy Baby

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-02 11:38

The influence to female patients with Lupus Nephritis is great.which not only is a disease of the body. What’s more,it may cause the fear of birth to female Lupus Nephritis patients,because Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) will bring certain influence to growth normally of fetus in the disease activity. ONLINE DOCTOR will give you more details quickly for free.

So how can patients with LN give birth to healthy baby?

1.Control the patients condition

When the SLE is in a stable period,it will not bring influence to the fetus’s growth and the healthy body of pregnant woman.Thus controlling the female condition is the most important.To control the disease well can avoid the threat to the health of the fetus to a large extent.It may cause the exacerbation of the disease or aggravating disease activity if it is not cared slightly during pregnancy,So it ‘s must to pay attention to the any changes of condition and the index closely in the process of lupus patients with pregnancy.

2.Take more hormone drugs

The female Lupus Nephritis patients should pay attention that take the medicine correctly to control the disease process under the guidance of a professional doctor.At the same time,the patients should also care the intake of fetal hormone drugs.The lots of hormone drugs can control the disease and also may cause the hormonal disorders in patients body and the reduce of the female ability ability.And hormone drugs may cause the fetal anomaly.In addition,pregnancy itself will increase the burden on cardiac and renal function of Lupus Nephritis patients and induce the disease recurrence.

3.Take medical testing on fetal state of health timely

The expectant mother should care to take the tests to detect fetal health regularly.When some cases that may affect the fetal normal growth appear,the pregnancy should be terminated timely. Once the hypertension appears the mother's body the treatments should be taken actively.The occurrence rate of eclampsia to Lupus Nephritis patients is up to 30%.Preeclampsia may also be the symptom of the SLE recurrence.The difference depends on the any other clinical symptoms of the activities outside kidney and the decrease of serum complement.

According to the experts,if the SLE appears on body,it’s better to get pregnancy after curing the SLE.Don’t make the drugs that used to treat the SLE affect the patients body’s health,which is should be payed attention to.


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