Is There Any Special Treatment For Lupus Nephritis Other Than Dialysis

2016-04-09 10:05

Is There Any Special Treatment For Lupus Nephritis Other Than DialysisIs there any special treatment for Lupus Nephritis other than Dialysis? Lupus Nephritis is a kind of autoimmune disease which refers to that SLE associated with the significant kidney damage. This is a routine clinical diagnosis at present. It is mainly diagnostic results from histological point of view to see the structure of the kidney derived. However from the current perspective of existing medical diagnosis, lupus nephritis from a cytological point of view, it should be lupus glomerular epithelial cell disease. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

How to Treat Lupus Nephritis?

Lupus nephritis, especially with renal impairment is still one of the main causes of death. From the above contents that Lupus Nephritis is also related with the kidney damage and glomerular capillaries. So that treat it should from repairing the kidney damage and dredge the glomerular capillaries. Furthermore, as one of the autoimmune diseases that repair the immune system is really necessary.

Western medicines and dialysis are the common methods to control the condition at present, sever cases require the surgery. But those traditional treatments can not find out the real reason and solve it, just focus on the symptoms. So that patients need some special way to treat this kind of disease from its root.

What Are The Special Treatment?

First, Stem Cell Therapy is a good choice for patients with autoimmune disease like Lupus Nephritis. This kind of treatment is able to repair the damaged cells in kidney and supplementary red blood cells. That can help the kidney have viable cells to support the work.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses Chinese medicine to promote the blood circulation and blood stasis, thus will improve the condition of blood cells in kidney.

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