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How to Treat Lupus Nephritis with Proteinuria and Creatintine 538 Avoid Dialysis Or Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-03-04 14:38

How to Treat Lupus Nephritis with Proteinuria and Creatintine 538 Avoid Dialysis Or Kidney TransplantHow to treat Lupus Nephritis with Proteinuria and Creatinine 538 avoid Dialysis or Kidney Transplant? Lupus Nephritis is a very rapidly disease and need to treat it as soon as possible. It is based on the immune disorders. This text is about the information of Lupus Nephritis. Patents can also contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details.

The Damage of Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis is a very dangerous kidney disease. The symptoms of acute patients like acute nephritic with the damage of kidney function. It also have the symptoms like blood urine, proteinuria, hypertension, swelling and so on.

How to Treat Proteinuria And High Creatinine Level

Both of them are the symptoms of Lupus Nephritis. Traditional treatments are Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. They can treat or control the progressive of Lupus Nephritis in some degree, but can not cure it at all. And those treatments have so many side effects to human body. That is way patients do not want to have Dialysis or Kidney Transplant.

Actually TCM( Traditional Chinese Medicine) Therapy have good effect of treating Lupus Nephritis. It will help patients treat disease from root and adjust inside the kidney even the whole body. So that will reduce the Proteinuria and High Creatinine Level with the safer way. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital was also made a special Diet and Kidney Healthy Gymnastics to the late miantenance of patients. That will make the patients have a better recover after the leave the hospital.

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