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Effective Treatment Options for Lupus Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-10-29 16:19

Effective Treatment Options for Lupus NephritisWith symptoms of swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, etc, Lupus Nephritis affects many people’s health condition and life quality. Then, effective treatments are needed urgently to manage these symptoms and treat Lupus Nephritis itself. What are effective treatment options for Lupus Nephritis?

Doctors of both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have their own specific therapies to treat Lupus Nephritis. Read on to find which one you can use, if you have Lupus Nephritis.

1. Western medications

Corticosteroid, cytotoxic drugs such as CTX and azathioprine, cyclosporine A, mycophenolate mofetil and immunoglobulin are used commonly to treat Lupus Nephritis. Through inhibiting immune reactions and the activities of immune complexes, these medicines can help relieve Lupus Nephritis patients’ proteinuria, swelling and other symptoms largely.

2. Plasma exchange and immune adsorption

If Lupus Nephritis patients resistent to conventional treatment, corticosteroid and immunosuppressant, they can consider to use these treatments. Plasma exchange can not only remove waste products but also supplement essential ingredients for blood, while immune adsorption can clear immune complexes efficiently. Therefore, they are useful to treat Lupus Nephritis.

3. Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy uses a lot of stem cells to make them differentiate to damaged kidney cells, so this therapy can help repaired damaged kidney functioning cells and rebuild kidney structure. Although some patients have got remission of this therapy, this therapy still needs further test.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This remedy is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Through dissolving immune complexes, it can help discharge immune complexes depositing in kidneys out of the body gradually. Besides, it can also help regulate Lupus Nephritis patients’ immune system by stopping the overactivity of B cells and preventing the production of antibodies. What’s more, this therapy nearly doesn’t have any side effect.

Individuals with Lupus Nephritis have a great difference in choosing treatment, because it should depend on their illness condition, complications, the extent of kidney damage, etc. Remember that only accepting a correct treatment can treat your kidney disease.



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