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Causes of Frequent Urination & Lupus Nephritis Creatinine 5.0

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-10 19:39

There are 3 main reasons cause the increased nocturnal enuresis in clinic:neurological causes,physiological causes,pathological reasons.Actually,the first two are normal phenomenon to average person.For example,the intake of lots of water or the high stress level both can cause the nocturnal enuresis increase.besides,the pathological reasons may also lead to this result.

Lupus Nephritis,caused by SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus),is a kind of secondary disease that lesions occurs in glomerulus.The key reason of SLE causing Lupus Nephritis is the deposition of immune complex on glomerulus capillary epithelial cells.In addition,heredity,habitus and the environment are also the important factors to it.In Lupus Nephritis stage 3,the obvious symptoms and minor complications are appearing.Although in theory,the efficient and timely treatment can control the disease even reversing the disease.But in fact,when patients feel not well or be diagnosed with the disease,the renal function has been damaged.

Actually,the damage is related to the multisystem and multiple organs.With the disease process,the damaged kidney tubules can not work gradually and the reabsorption of kidney tubules is also injured,which causes the nocturnal enuresis increases.In addition,The pejorative disease will influence the glomerulus and the GRF will reduce,which lead to the work efficiency of glomerulus be declining.This will also cause the increased nocturnal enuresis.

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To treat the Lupus Nephritis,Immunotherapy is a good way to control the process of disease.It diagnoses the disease clearly at first,then takes the immunosuppressor to control and improve the tolerance of the immune to provide a better space to the renal repair.Besides,the regulation and protection can promote the kidneys repair.The important one is the immune clearance which runs through the above four steps. Immunoadsorption can effectively remove the toxic things in the body and control the disease in the shortest time.All of above are necessary to treat the LN.

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