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Why Do Lupus Nephritis Patients Feel Uncomfortable & Have Fever?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-09 16:16

Why Do Lupus Nephritis Patients Feel Uncomfortable & Have Fever?Systemic Lupus Erythematosus can influence whole body tissues and organs. What is the most common damage is kidney disease caused by it. SLE is a kind of chronic systemic autoimmune diseases including multisystem damage symptoms. When SLE patients suffer from the proteinuria,hematuria or abnormal renal function,patients can be diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis.

Why Do Lupus Nephritis Patients Feel Uncomfortable & Have Fever?

Owing to the abnormal immunologic function of SLE patients,there are many material in body that may make the body heat as pyrogen. About 80% of patients will have fever and most of them may have hyperpyrexia; and about 12% of patients have low-grade fever. Besides,part of the patient's first symptom is unexplained fever.

That patients have fever signifies that the SLE is in the active period. Hyperpyrexia usually is the manifestation of accelerated phase of disease. In this case,the timely and effective measures and treatments is necessary to limit the disease process. There is also a characteristic that after the use of glucocorticoid,temperature of patients can quickly fade and returned to normal;if stop the use,temperature will rise again.

What calls for special attention is that the intake of lots of hormone may also cause the fever. It is necessary to keep high vigilance against infection. Owing to the intake of hormone will limit the immunity and reduce the resistance,which make germ easier to infect patients. Some disease may even cause death of patients.

Actually,for Lupus Nephritis patients,some immunosuppressant and hormone drugs can only control and delay the disease condition. Compared with those,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has less side-affects to limit the disease condition. It can improve the blood pressure and microcirculation to provide a better space for renal repair. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can remedy the damaged kidneys fundamentally.

If you are interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,talk to live doctor and they will give you a detailed information to you. In addition, if you want to know more about your disease condition,you can also leave message on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com about your condition and we glad to give the more professional guidance freely.

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