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How Can I Manage Fatigue with Lupus Nephritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-10 16:07

How Can I Manage Fatigue with Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis patients often complain about fatigue. Though fatigue can not threaten your life, it can affect your life quality. Then how to manage fatigue with Lupus Nephritis?

What causes fatigue with Lupus Nephritis?

Actually, we do not know much about the causes, but there are some possible factors which can result in fatigue.

-The accumulated wastes in the blood

For people with Lupus Nephritis, their kidneys can not properly filter the wastes and toxins from the body. Too much wastes and toxins accumulating in the body may cause fatigue.


Due to kidney function impairment, the kidney can not excrete enough erythropoietin, which will affect the production of red blood cells, leading to anemia. Without enough red blood cells, your body can not get enough oxygen and you will feel fatigue.

-Improper diet

Most kidney patients have a restricted diet plan. If you can not control it well, you may suffer from malnutrition and fatigue.

How to manage fatigue with Lupus Nephritis?

Because the causes of fatigue are not clear, there are no accurate treatments to fatigue. But we should try something to manage it. Lifestyle changes may have an impact on fatigue.

-Keeping a healthy diet. If you do not know how to eat healthily, you should consult a dietitian.

-Regular exercise. You can do some exercise such as walk, swim and what ever exercise you can do, although it seems that exercise can aggravate the fatigue. But it  helps reduce fatigue.

-Having a good rest can also improve fatigue.

Lupus Nephritis is an auto-immune kidney disease. It is caused by immune system attacking your kidney. Therefore, improving your immune system is the fundamental treatment to fatigue. Blood Purification Therapy such as plasma exchange and immune adsorption is the effective treatment to Lupus Nephritis. You can contact our online doctors to have more knowledge.


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