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How to Protect Themselves for Lupus Nephritis Patients in Daily Life

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-11-28 15:34

How to Protect Themselves for Lupus Nephritis Patients in Daily LifeWhat can Lupus Nephritis patients do in their daily life to protect themselves? It is necessary for Lupus Nephritis patients to pay more attention their daily life, avoiding worse damages. Here are some suggestions on correct, healthy daily life, hoping can help you take better care of yourselves. Free Online Doctor can help you know more about your disease condition or our treatments directly and quickly.

1. Exercise

Exercise can promote blood circulation, enhance the cardiopulmonary function and maintain the toughness of muscle and bone, which is beneficial for anybody, including Lupus Nephritis patients. Going for a walk and practicing qigong are good for increase immunity. Over fatigue is not suitable. If patients are diagnosed with arthritis, exercise is not proper.

2. Prevent infections

Owing to the renal lesions and the side affects of steroid and immunosuppressant, reduced immunity is common in Lupus Nephritis, which makes infections being easier to get. RTI (respiratory tract infection), UTI (urinary tract infection), gastrointestinal tract infection and wound infection are common in Lupus Nephritis.

3. Avoid insolation

Lupus Nephritis patients are sensitive to sunlight, so avoiding insolation can reduce the risk of worsening disease condition.

4. Adjust the mood

Keeping a positive emotion can help increase patient’s confidence and relieve their disease condition to some extent. Anxiety, depression, disappointment and so on should be corrected.

5. Diet

To take a healthy diet is beneficial for Lupus Nephritis patients to reduce disease. Proper intake of high quality proper and low intake of salt, water, fat is suitable. Besides, stopping drinking and smoking or avoiding spicy foods can also relieve patient’s disease condition.

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