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The NOTES for Kidney Failure Patients with Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-07-19 11:25

The NOTES for Kidney Failure Patients with Kidney TransplantFor Kidney Failure patients,Kidney Transplant may be the last hope to live a better life without Kidney Dialysis. But there are also some problems that will worsen patients’ disease condition. Like unhealthy living style,daily diet,etc. Here the article will make a simple introduction for Kidney Failure patients who have received Kidney Transplant. ONLINE DOCTOR may help you get more details directly and quickly for free.

Patients’ living quality will be improved obviously after Kidney Transplant. Actually,Kidney Transplant really is the best way to treat Kidney Failure. But not all of the patients can tolerate the large dose of hormone and immunosuppressant. Besides,keeping a healthy diet plays an important role in offering the good nutrition needs and increasing patients’ survival rate.

1. Supplement the moderate amount of high quality protein

According to the renal function’s tolerance of patients,proper intake of high quality of protein is beneficial for their health. Some animal protein,like fish,eggs,milk,lean meat can be taken. Besides,peanut,soybean and bean products should not be eaten for them will increase the renal burden.

2. Low fat and cholesterol

After Kidney Transplant,the morbidity of hyperlipidaemia (HLP) is up to 60%. Cortin,immunosuppressant,dietary factor and so on will cause it. So is it good for patients to keep a light diet. Pumpkin,potato,Chinese yam can help patients reduce their cholesterol. Besides,NO Fried food.

3. Low sugar

Glucocorticoid will lead to the abnormal glucose metabolism and insulin-resistant diabetes besides,unhealthy diet may also aggravate patients’ diabetes. So paying more attention to the intake of sugar and keeping a low intake of it is beneficial for patients.

4. Supplement mineral substance and vitamin

It is easier for patients to catch high blood pressure,hyperphosphatemia,hypocalcemia and hyperkalemia. So it is necessary to limit the intake of sodium and potassium. What’ more,fresh vegetables and fruits are also good for patients.

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