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Why Do Some Kidney Transplant Patients Suffer from Hypertension

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-05-11 10:33

Why Do Some Kidney Transplant Patients Suffer from HypertensionHere about 1/3 patients with Kidney Transplant may be diagnosed with higher level of high blood pressure,which may effect the patients daily life and make them fell nervous. Here the article will tell you some reasons about this symptom that may can help you learn more about your disease and pay more attention to your kidney health. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Kidney Transplant may be the last method to save the kidney disease patients. A successful kidney transplant patients can avoid the Kidney Dialysis and is more efficient compared with Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) or Hemodialysis. And in general,Kidney Transplant patients usually have better living quality with fewer restrictions.

However,for patients with Kidney Transplant,the new kidney can not work as our original kidney. That is to say,in order to maintain their life,they may have to do several times of transplants. Once the transplant failed,they have to survive relying on dialysis,waiting for another transplant. Besides,Kidney Transplant patient should also take some immunosuppressant to steady the new kidney,which makes patients more vulnerable.

That patients suffer from high blood pressure may be caused by following reasons:

1. Owing to the Kidney Failure,kidneys gradually shrink. But some residual nephron still have the physiological function that may secrete a small amount of renin,leading to the increased high blood pressure.

2. The intake of glucocorticoids after surgery may enhance the water retention in the body,increasing the blood volume and causing the high blood pressure.

3. Anastomotic stenosis of transplanted kidney may cause the high blood pressure.

4. Rejection reaction will also lead to the high level of blood pressure.

The first and second high blood pressure can be controlled by the proper intake of hypotensive drugs. Over time,the two kinds of impact will gradually weaken and the blood pressure will gradually return to normal.

The third needs to do angiography to definitize the diagnosis and decide whether or not to re-anastomose the blood vessel according to the range of the increased blood pressure and degree of stenosis. If the stenosis is serious,surgery is necessary to be taken,or the new kidney function will be damaged.

The late one need to take some measures to treat the transplant reaction actively. With the reversing of the reaction,patients’ high blood pressure will be reduced.

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