Why Transplanted Kidney Failed Again for 5 Years, Creatinine 12

2017-08-26 10:01

Why Transplanted Kidney Failed Again for 5 Years, Creatinine 12,Toxin-Removing TreatmentMy Creatinine is 12 and hemoglobin is 9. My kidney got already transplanted 5 years ago but again failed. Can it be cured? Why transplanted kidney failed again?

Kidney Transplant is a perfect choice for patients in the final stage of CKD. However, is it really as simple as we think? If you have the similar problem about kidney transplant, please follow us to read this article or consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly and freely.

Why transplant kidney failed again after years?

In general, kidney transplant is not to exchange or cut out the damaged kidney with the good one, but to add the suitable one into your body so as to leave your residual kidney function.

However, these toxins and wastes still build up in your damaged kidneys to affect and damage the residual renal function further. Besides, these impurities also will cause other organs of your body.

After the surgery, your immune system will reject the transplanted kidney and attack it continuously, which may cause kidney damage again. To avoid this condition, before transplant and after it, you should take immunosuppressants for a long term to suppress your immunity, which make you easier to catch infections than normal people, leading to the relapse of kidney disease.

What to do after transplanted kidney failed again?

If you do not want to take second kidney transplant, alternative of transplant should be taken. To some extent, Kidney Dialysis can cleanse blood for kidney environment, while it is unable to restore kidney lesion fundamentally.

TCM treatments are strongly recommended, which are collectively called Toxin-Removing Treatment. They can not only cleanse blood to create a good and healthy environment for kidney self-healing and further medication but also increase renal function. Along with your increased renal function, High Creatinine Level 12 will lower naturally and kidney ischemia and anoxia condition relieve well thus hemoglobin will increase also.

If you want to live a high quality life and save the kidney function, Toxin-Removing Treatment may be a better choice. If you have any problem about your illness condition, please leave a message in the below form or email test reports to our mail box. Professional suggestion will be provided ASAP.

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