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Alternative to Kidney Transplant for ESRD

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-08-22 15:51

Alternative to Kidney Transplant for ESRDKidney Transplant is the organ transplant of a kidney into a patient with End Stage Renal Disease. It may bring a new life for kidney failure patients. But due to the high cost, time consuming and rejection reaction, quite a number of patients seek for alternatives methods.

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Basics of kidney transplant

Transplantation can give patients a new life to live better and get away from the complications of kidney failure. However, after transplantation, you must take immunosuppressive agents to prevent rejection reaction and bear the side effects of these medicines. Besides, kidney transplant can not improve the internal blood environment of your body, which is why many patients will suffer from kidney failure again.

Alternative to kidney transplant for ESRD

As long as you still have urine output, it implies your kidney has residual function to work. We can help you repair your kidney lesion and improve renal function try our best.

Toxin-Removing Treatment (based on TCM) is commonly used to help cleanse blood effectively to discharge toxins and wastes from the body via skin pore, urine and stool. This step can provide good condition for kidney self-healing. What is more, it also can stimulate damaged kidney tissues and cells and improve renal function by dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to kidney.

Through a period of treatment, some symptoms like High Creatinine Level, Swelling, Proteinuria, etc can be relieved well. After about one month of treatment, your renal function will be improved to some extent. Dialysis may be reduced and gradually you can avoid kidney transplant.

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