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How to Deal with Creatinine Values Increased Again after Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-05-19 14:16

How to Deal with Creatinine Values Increased Again after Kidney TransplantHow to deal with Creatinine Values Increased Again after Kidney Transplant? Both of us should know that creatinine values is the mainly sign to reflect the health of kidney. Once kidney was damaged more than half of it that the creatinine level will increase. So that if patients appear high creatinine level after kidney transplant that means the transplanted kidney was damaged already. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

How to control creatinine level after kidney transplant?

As a matter of fact, prevent high creatinine level after kidney transplant need to prevent kidney damage as soon as possible. It should be start in the daily life.

First, patients must to take more care about the salt intake in daily, too much salt intake will increase the burden on kidneys. Then kidney will have to overwork, thus will make the kidney damage easily.

Second, control the intake of protein, choose high quality protein.

Third, multi-vitamin supplements.

Finally, they have to develop good life and rest habits.

Furthermore, choose some effective and safe treatments other than dialysis will protect the new kidney much better.

What treatment is more effective and safe than dialysis to reduce creatinine?

As a matter of fact, Chinese medicine is able to give kidney disease patients a systemic treatment to protect the new kidney well. Effective and safe Chinese medicine treatment include Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy, it is really useful for patient after kidney transplant to control creatinine level well in a more effective and safe way.

Furthermore, this treatment can be matched with Foot Bath Therapy to adjust patient’ s body and the new kidney to have a better adaptation environment.

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