How to Deal with The Rejection Reaction of Kidney Transplant by Chinese Medicine

2016-04-10 14:36

How to Deal with The Rejection Reaction of Kidney Transplant by Chinese MedicineHow to deal with the rejection reaction of Kidney Transplant by Chinese Medicine? Kidney Transplant rejection is an immune response, it dues to the transplanted kidneys have the presence of allogeneic antigen. The immune system of receiver appear immune response of the alloantigen cellular and humoral, this kind of immune response is rejection. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

According to clinical manifestations, pathological changes, and so on that rejection will be divided into four rejection. The clinical manifestations, mechanisms and methods of prevention and treatment are all different.

1. Hyperacute rejection: there is no effective treatment at present, mainly work is prevention.

2. Accelerated rejection: this kind of rejection can be treated by Plasma replacement therapy and other way.

3. Acute rejection: the normal treatment can control the condition in some degree.

4. Chronic rejection: Slow disease progression, resulting in loss of graft function, so that this kind of situation need to improve the kidney function.

How to Treat It by Chinese Medicine?

All the conditions needed to regulate the physical condition of patients and the new kidney. As we all known that the maximum effect of Chinese medicine is to condition the human body and supplement the qi and blood. It is helpful for adjusting the new kidney suitable for the new environment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheray matched with oral Chinese medicine will increase the effect of the treatment. This kind of combination is good for repairing the immune system. Thus will reduce the complications, then the symptoms of rejection will be alleviated well.

Hot Compress Therapy is also have the same function as Chinese medicine and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

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