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How to Control The Creatinine Level Well after Kidney Transplant

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-04-03 15:35

How to Control The Creatinine Level Well after Kidney TransplantHow to control Creatinine Level well after Kidney Transplant? Creatinine rise up again after Kidney Transplant is a very dangerous sign for patients. Because that means the new kidney which was transplanted form the healthy body is going to more and more weak, the damage is more and more serious. That is why so many patients have to accept another transplant surgery. You can consult to ONLINE DOCTOR directly.

Why Creatinine Level Rise Up Again?

In simple terms, creatinine rise up again is a kind of chronic kidney damage,further treatment of the renal function returned to normal almost impossible. Maintain the current functional status and educe further damage kidney function are the urgent need things that patients need do right now. Experience once transplant, the patients’ bodies are really harmful to take another one surgery.

How to Control This Kind of Condition?

Renal biopsy may be considered to understand the degree of renal damage and causes, and appropriate adjustments to the amount of immunosuppressant also help to improve renal function. Furthermore, if patients do not want to take western medicines or treatments anymore, Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy might be a good choice. This therapy uses pure Chinese medicine treatment to stimulate the blood vessel, so that will reach the goal of promoting blood circulation and blood stasis.

Make the blood vessels come back to clean will make the toxins and waste discharged out of human body naturally, so that the kidney will work as normal, the creatinine level will be controlled well.

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