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Is Renal Transplant the Best Treatment for Kidney Failure Patient

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-01-14 14:03


Is Renal Transplant the Best Treatment for Kidney Failure Patient “Dear doctor. Is Renal Transplant the best treatment for kidney failure? My father is 66 this year, just day before his creatinine level is 9.3. his dialysis frequency is twice in week. He has severe cough since from 9 years and now its much increased. And now days low apatite, nausea are his symptoms. he also has hypothyroid. I want to know is this situation suitable for kidney transplant ? Or is there any other treatment can be the alternative treatment of renal transplant ? Thank you so much ONLINE DOCTOR. I hope your opinions will give me some direction for treatment and way forward.”

From your description, I have the general idea about her condition. as the kidney failure patient now, there is much toxin in her body ( such as Creatinine , urea) and her immunity is so low, there is the inflammation in her body. For his condition now, even if the transplant is going on, the inner environment in her body is not stable, which is not good for the new kidney live, what's more. as the transplant patient, he will have to take the anti-rejecting medicine all her life, which belongs to chemical medicine , long time for it, which can bring much burden to her kidneys, you know 70% waste of body should be removed through the kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may replace kidney transplant.

In fact, for patients who just take the dialysis for two or three months, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will be a better choice than renal transplant. This treatment is based on the traditional Chinese medicine and belongs to conservative treatment, having function of removal of toxin, expanding blood vessel, anti-inflammation and promote the blood circulation to improve the kidney function of kidney patient, thus to help them get rid of the dialysis.

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