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Is There Any Chance for Kidney Shrink to 5.5cm Now

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-07 11:40

Kidney Shrinkage,5.5cm Kidneys,Chinese MedicineHello, my kidney shrunk to 5.5cm. What treatment should I take? Is there any chance for Kidney Shrink to 5.5cm now? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR to get more information or read about this article now.

In clinic, as long as the size of kidneys is smaller than 5cm, patients do not have any chance to recover the kidneys anymore. This kind of condition we called it as Renal sclerosis. So that if your kidneys is still bigger than 5cm, you should take treatment timely from now on to prevent the shrinkage will be more and more severe.

Key for kidney shrink treatment is grasp treatment time and treatment options. Seize the favorable opportunity to block the formation of fibrosis in the process of deterioration of the chain is the key to determine curative effect.

Treatment for kidney shrink should be keep focus on repair damaged kidney tissue, restore kidney function, prevent the progress of renal fibrosis, blocking the development of kidney shrink. So that treatment for this kind of disease should promote myofibroblast apoptosis and immune complex phagocytosis. Reduce the synthesis of ECM to increase its degradation, the kidneys damaged tissue may also be partially repaired, renal function can also be gradually restored.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital as one of the best kidney disease hospital in China, its good at adopting Chinese medicine to treat for all kinds of kidney disease, and these treatments can also help kidney shrink patients a lot.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy is the mainly treatment and western medicine is aider during treatment. It will clean toxins in blood from root and make the kidneys repaired by themselves through repairing kidney self-healing function. Chinese medicine can supply nutrition and blood for kidneys to promote kidney function have recover as soon as possible. Of course, kidney shrinkage will not continue in the end.

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