How to Stop the Development Process of Renal Atrophy

2016-07-17 15:47

How to Stop the Development Process of Renal AtrophyHow to stop the development process of Renal Atrophy? Renal Atrophy, it is based on the volume of kidney and the age, gender body height and weight of people and compared with each other relatively small or significantly reduced an anomaly. It is commonly related withe kidney function in most time. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why renal atrophy is related with kidney function?

Long time kidney disease will lead to damage of kidney tissues, especially about glomerular, he entire kidney appears smaller in size. Part or all of glomerular and tubular damage, the kidneys will lose the physiological functions. Therefore, renal atrophy and renal function are complementary.

That is also shows that stop the development process of renal atrophy need to start form repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function. While common treatments such as dialysis and oral western medicine treatment are not able to do that, so Chinese medicine treatment can be anther choice for renal atrophy patients.

Why Chinese medicine treatment can treat for Renal Atrophy?

Compare dialysis and oral western medicine that Chinese medicine have no side effects on patients, which means it will make the kidneys have a further damage. Further more, the more serious renal atrophy the more difficult to treat, once it have not shrunk smaller that 6cm, there are still have chance to help patients to expand kidney in some degree by Chinese medicine treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses pure Chinese herbal medicine to treat for kidney problems which is able to repair kidney damage and open the blocked artery in kidneys, thus will restore the kidney function effectively.

Furthermore, this treatment is also able to help patients avoid dialysis in huge degree. If you are interested in our treatments or want more information about our hospital, please leave us a message or send us an email.



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