What Should Renal Atrophy Patients Do for Their Kidney Function

2016-06-30 15:01

What Should Renal Atrophy Patients Do for Their Kidney FunctionWhat should Renal Atrophy patients do for their Kidney Function? Renal Atrophy is a kind of serious disease which is able to destroy kidney tissues and kidney function. In most condition for this kind of patients, only depend on dialysis is not enough, kidney transplant will be the last choice for them. While they are not the best way for patients to save up their kidney function. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the best way for Renal Atrophy patients to restore kidney function?

Renal Atrophy means that the size of kidneys are smaller than normal. Once the size of kidneys smaller than 6cm there will have no chance for them to have a treatment. So for the kidneys still bigger than 6cm, the most necessary for them is to expand size of kidneys, thus will recover kidney function too.

Expand kidneys need to have enough blood for kidneys, then cleaning blood vessels will be a important thing for patients to do. Then repairing kidney damage to restore kidney function.

What are the better treatments for Renal Atrophy to restore kidney function?

In our hospital, we are not prefer to recommend this kind of patients take dialysis and kidney transplant. We are prefer to use Chinese Medicine to treat for disease from the root.

Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to clean the blood vessels and dilate blood vessels, supplement enough nutrition and blood for kidneys. Thus will make the kidneys have enough power to expand and the kidney function can be restored in huge degree.

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