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Kidney Shrinkage: Causes And Treatments

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-12-02 09:58

Kidney Shrinkage: Causes And TreatmentsKidney Shrinkage refers to the size of the kidney is smaller than the normal size. And some kidney disease patients found their kidney shrinking. I supposed they must eager to know the causes and treatments for kidney shrinkage. Form the following article, you will find the information you want. You also can contact our ONLINE DOCTOR.

Causes for kidney shrinkage

The main factor for kidney shrinkage is the damages of glomerulus and kidney tubules. Due to a long term kidney disease, some of the kidney cells and tissues are damaged, and a large amount of the blood vessels will be blocked, so that then blood can not flow to the internal kidney. The kidney will become weak and weak, and it will lose the ability of working for the human body, and the size of it will smaller than the normal size. That is why most of the kidney patients suffer from the kidney shrinking. and the kidney shrinkage also says that your condition has reach to the end stage of kidney disease.

How to treat kidney shrinkage?

In our hospital we mainly use the Chinese medical treatments to treat the kidney shrinkage. The Chinese medical soup is a common form in our among our Chinese medical treatments. This medical soup is boiled by some Chinese medical herbs, and it can help kidney shrinkage patients invigorate blood vessels and dissolve blood stasis. The Micro-Chinese Medical Osmotherapy can send Chinese medical powders to the shrinking kidney parts. Then the damaged kidney cells and tissues will be repaired. At last, the Medicated Bath can improve the whole blood circulation for kidney disease patients. So that, more and more blood will flow to the weak kidney and strengthen the shrinking kidney.

If you want to use our Chinese medical treatments to treat the kidney shrinkage, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882 to contact us.


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