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Why the Kidney Shrinks Gradually Even after the Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-08 10:16

Why the Kidney Shrinks Gradually Even after the DialysisKidney Shrinkage refers to the shrinkage in the size of one or both kidneys. Kidney size can reflect kidney function: larger or smaller than the normal kidney size indicates the dysfunction of kidney. When kidney begins to shrink, the disease may develop into Renal Failure. And some kidney disease patients are surprised to find that their kidney shrinks even after the dialysis. If you want to know why, please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why the kidney shrinks even after the dialysis?

When people found there are symptoms of kidney disease, they do to the hospital, and most of the western doctor will suggest them to do the dialysis. While they may not know, the dialysis has no use in preventing the kidney shrinkage. It just can help the kidney disease patients discharge some harmful waste out of the body. some kidney disease patients will suffer form a lot of painful side effects of the dialysis.

Chinese medical treatments to prevent the kidney shrinking

In view of the disadvantages of the dialysis, our experienced doctors have developed so many natural treatments which are make full use of the traditional Chinese medical herbs. The most common one is the medical soup, which has the function of detoxification, and it also can help patients dissolve blood stasis. The Medicated Bath can help patients improve their whole blood circulation, and at the same time, some extra fluid and toxic waste will flow away by the sweat. The most important one is the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can treat the damaged kidney from root. There are some micro Chinese medicine in this therapy, which can be sent to the surface of the kidney and treat the kidney directly. Form a series treatments’ controlling, the kidney shrinkage will be prevented successfully.

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