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Kidney Shinkage (Atrophic Kidney) Treatment

A correct treatment can slow the progress of kidney shrinkage, or atrophic kidney. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy are good choices.

How to Treat Kidney Shrinkage in Kidney Failure

For Kidney Failure patients, when they do ultrasound, the reports will show their kidneys are shrunken than the normal size. Based on this point, how to treat kidney shrinkage in kidney failure?...

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Can Kidney Shrinkage Come Back to Normal

Recently many people asked the similar problems: can Kidney Shrinkage come back to normal? Is Kidney Shrinkage Reversible? If you also have the same question, please go on reading this article or directly consult our ONLINE DOCTOR for free....

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Suggested Natural Treatments for Shrinking Kidneys

Do you find out the size of your kidneys are shrunken? What are the natural treatments for shrinking kidneys? Due to damaged kidney nephrons and insufficient blood supply to kidneys and so on, kidney will shrink to less than the normal size....

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Can Osmotheraphy Reverse the Kidney Shrinkage and Failure

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy reverse Kidney Shrinkage and Failure? I’m searching about Kidney Shrinkage. My mom has Diabetes and complications on her kidney. Last check Creatinine around 200 from what I recall. Her doctor tells u...

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How to Treat Kidney Shrinkage for Kidney Disease Patients

In general, some people are born with smaller kidney, but some are induced by disease. Here we introduce the case that people with Chronic Kidney Disease have Kidney Shrinkage....

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What Can I Do to Repair a Shrunken Kidney and Restore Function to It

Kidneys are an important part of the human body. They are responsible for removing wastes and fluids that build up over time. However, Chronic Kidney Disease can damage kidney tissues and cause kidney shrinkage. The treatment can be fatal an...

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Natural Remedies for Kidney Shrinkage

Frankly speaking, to treat kidney shrinkage, the proper treatment should not only cleanse the blood but also repair the damaged kidney tissues. Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended for you to achieve these goals....

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Is There Any Chance for Kidney Shrink to 5.5cm Now

Hello, my kidney shrunk to 5.5cm. What treatment should I take? Is there any chance for Kidney Shrink to 5.5cm now? ...

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What Treatment and Medicine are Suitable for Patients with Both Kidneys Shrink

What treatment and medicine are suitable for patients with Both Kidneys Shrink? Kidney shrink is a kind of kidney disease which is hard to control and have no effective treatment in the past time. But now Chinese medicine give a new hope for...

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What Treatment and Medicine Can be Used to Treat for Patient with Both Kidneys Shrunk

What treatment and medicine can be used to treat for patient with Both Kidneys Shrunk? For patient with both kidneys shrunk that their kidney function is the biggest question for them to concern at present. Traditional ways such as dialysis ...

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