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Treat Night Sweats and Anxiety in Kidney Failure without Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-07-04 09:32

Actually,many CKD patients face some bothersome and knotty problems that maybe our ordinary people can not even imagine. The impaired kidneys cause many serious symptoms and complications that affect patients’ physical condition badly. Here the article will introduce some symptoms,then hope this can help you learn more about your kidney disease and protect yourselves better. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Night sweats means that patients will sweat when they are in sleeping. It will stop after patients wake. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine),it is identified as deficiency of yin. For some people,it may be a common symptom. But for some other patients,night sweats usually caused by some diseases.

Anxiety is a kind of malaise or groundless fears without obvious objective reasons. It is a kind of normal emotional reaction when patients are facing some challenges,difficulties or danger. These feelings may cause physical symptoms, such as a racing heart and shakiness. Besides,some drug use,alcohol and caffeine and so may also lead to anxiety. Worse,it may also cause the damage on vegetative nervous system.

For Kidney Failure patients,it is the corollary caused by the impaired kidneys. Actually,as the kidney disease worsens,patients’ physical condition will be also worse and worse. Patients’ systemic multiple systems and organs will be damaged badly and some serious symptoms and complications will also appear. Night sweats and anxiety are just the sequelae caused by kidney disease.

Kidney Dialysis can not treat your renal damage. We all know that. So it is necessary to choose a better therapy for yourselves. Medicated Bath and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be more suitable for your kidney disease. With less side affects,TCM offers the more effective measures to remedy the real damage.

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