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Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-10 08:54

Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure Kidney FailureCan Stem Cell Therapy cure kidney failure? Kidney Failure is always companied with many other problems. All of these problems can affect patients’ life quality and shorten their life span largely, so some patients even think kidney failure is one death sentence for them. If there is any chance to get recovery, I believe no one wants to miss it. Stem Cell Therapy is one treatment that gives a new hope for kidney failure patients.

Firstly, learn more about kidney failure.

In kidney failure, nearly all kidney functioning tissues stays in the state of ischemia and anoxia. That’s to say, less blood and oxygen are provided for kidneys. Besides, build up of immune complexes in kidneys, inflammatory reaction, enlarged kidney cysts and some other pathogenic factors make kidney condition worse and worse. In this case, a large part of kidney cells are necrotic, some are damaged, and only a small part of cells are still healthy.

What can Stem Cell Therapy do for Kidney Failure patients?

Stem cells are usually used to deal with necrotic kidney cells. In sterile environment, stem cells like CIK cells are injected or transfused into the body. In the body, these cells can reach the damaged tissues and differentiate into corresponding cells.

Compared with conventional therapies, Stem Cell Therapy has many benefits such as nontoxicity and prevention of rejection reaction. At present, many kidney failure patients have taken this therapy to get recovery.

However, this therapy is unable to protect the healthy kidney cells and damaged kidney cells. To assist this therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is often used to prevent recurrence of kidney failure and further kidney damage.

The above is just one overview of these treatment options. If you are interested about them, you can contact us. We are glad to introduce more about them for you.


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