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What Are The important Ways To Relieve Proteinuria In Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-05-13 10:32

Relieve Proteinuria,Kidney FailureProteinuria is an important indicator of renal function. The persistence of large amounts of Proteinuria means an increased risk of Renal Failure, and patients are prone to develop into the end of renal failure. Therefore, proteinuria is very important in the treatment of Kidney Failure.

In order to avoid renal failure, many patients want to reduce proteinuria, the sooner the better.

Why is albuminuria so difficult to reduce? The faster the proteinuria drops, the better?

Proteinuria has two main characteristics, one is repetitive, the other is curable. Repeatedness is well understood. Even if you take medicine on time and check it regularly, albuminuria increases again. This is closely related to the characteristics of chronic kidney disease itself.

On the one hand, nephropathy belongs to the immune system disease, the patient's autoimmunity can not be restored, resulting in frequent inflammation, only the presence of inflammation proteinuria is difficult to eliminate.

On the other hand, fibrosis and sclerosis of renal function are difficult to repair, which means that glomerular filtration has always been like a "broken net" and protein will continue to leak out.

Therefore, hypoproteinization is not the goal of all treatments. The aim is to keep proteinuria as low as possible and maintain the stability of renal function, which is the key to keep away from renal failure. Proteinuria does not decrease as quickly as possible. Reducing recurrence is an important goal of proteinuria reduction.

Reducing proteinuria is not as simple as taking medicine. Starting from three aspects, the level of proteinuria is lower and the renal function is more stable.

1. Eliminate inflammation and improve immunity

The combination of hormones and immune preparations has obvious advantages. Hormones have obvious anti-inflammatory effects for most patients. For over-sensitive patients, they can be treated with inhibitors such as cyclophosphamide and cyclosporine.

In addition, Kidney Friends also need to avoid the occurrence of infection, such as colds, kidney stones, etc. Infection will make inflammation more and more serious, immunity is too low is also an important reason for susceptibility to infection, so Kidney Friends usually pay attention to a reasonable diet, has been free from malnutrition, resistance to decline.

2. Reducing renal filtration pressure

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia are three typical symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Sangao can affect the abnormal blood flow of the whole body, lead to renal hypertension, glomerular ischemia and hypoxia, damage renal function, and lead to more and more protein leakage. Proteinuria can also aggravate kidney damage, leading to imbalance in regulating water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, and then aggravate the three high levels.

For blood pressure, blood lipid and proteinuria control, some drugs can be preferred. For example, pril and sartan drugs take into account the three major functions of blood pressure lowering, protein lowering and kidney protection. Statins are the most protein lowering drugs in the field of lipid lowering drugs and so on.

3. Controlling diet and weight makes proteinuria more stable.

In addition to medication, a reasonable diet and a normal weight are also essential parts of protein reduction. High-quality low-protein diet is more in line with the dietary principles of patients with proteinuria, not only does not aggravate protein leakage, but also ensures nutritional intake. In addition, in order to maintain stable blood pressure, attention should also be paid to low-salt diet.

Another advantage of sticking to these dietary principles is that you can control your weight. Long-term obesity itself can cause damage to the kidney. Maintaining a reasonable weight can reduce the burden of the kidney. It not only helps to maintain the stability of proteinuria for a long time, but also greatly reduces the risk of renal failure.

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