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What Are The Side Effects Of Western Medicine On Treating Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-27 15:10

Treating Kidney Failure,Western Medicine,Side EffectsThe renal function of patients with chronic renal failure mainly depends on the remaining intact nephron. Any factor that aggravates the renal load can aggravate renal failure; therefore, the harmful factors that induce the deterioration of renal function should be actively eliminated, such as controlling infection and reducing hypertension. In addition, water and electrolyte disorders should be corrected, and acidosis should be corrected to maintain the stability of the internal environment.

Western medicine treatment of a variety of nephritis, kidney failure, uremia and other kidney diseases is not particularly good method, Western medicine hormones and other drugs, the treatment effect is limited, side effects, but not ideal and cost is not low, the disease is repeated, can only treat the symptoms can not be treated, the patient suffering, long-term will produce many complications; Toxic diseases, kidney failure and other diseases, long-term lead to kidney and other organs will gradually atrophy, failure; eventually to transplant kidney, and the survival period is limited.

Uremia, its harm to humans is no less than that of some cancers. Kidney damage can occur at any age and price, the most common are acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, urinary tract infection and so on.

Dialysis can only maintain life, and produce dependence and dialysis syndrome, kidney transplantation success rate is low, and rejection is difficult to solve, hormone therapy side effects are obvious, and easy to relapse coupled with dialysis and kidney transplantation costs are often too expensive for many patients to bear...

Side effects of hormone drugs: 1, body fat; 2, can cause osteoporosis, leading to femoral head necrosis; 3, the body's resistance to decline, increased blood sugar, corticosteroids, gastrointestinal ulcer, electrolyte disorders and so on.

Hormones and immunosuppressants have certain effects on sexual function. Prolonged and high-dose use of corticosteroids, such as prednisone, will aggravate the degree of sexual dysfunction. Almost all immune preparations can cause testicular atrophy, ovarian damage, resulting in reduced or disappeared spermatogenesis, sexual desire.

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