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Nursing Care Of Acute Respiratory Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-08 10:21

Acute Respiratory Failure,Nursing CareAcute respiratory failure can cause a series of physiological and metabolic disorders, caused by bronchitis, bronchospasm, foreign body obstruction of the airway and other respiratory diseases, caused by diffuse pulmonary fibrosis, adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and other pulmonary vascular diseases such as pulmonary embolism, pulmonary infarction. Beginning with thoracic trauma, surgical trauma, pneumothorax, pleural effusion and other thoracic lesions, caused by nerve center and its conduction system respiratory muscle disease. The clinical manifestations were insufficiency of ventilation, ventilation dysfunction, respiratory failure, etc.

Active treatment

Once sick, the patient should be treated in time, and effective treatment should be taken according to the doctor's guidance. The first choice for treating acute respiratory failure is drug therapy. Common drugs are antibiotics, salbutamol, ambroxol hydrochloride, acetylcysteine, salbutamol, terbutaline sulfate, adrenocortical hormone. If severe hypoxia occurs, mechanical ventilation can be used to improve hypoxemia. If the patient is accompanied by carbon dioxide retention and serious mental disorders, this method can also be used.

Reduce complications

Improper treatment of acute respiratory failure will lead to arrhythmia, heart failure, acid-base imbalance and other complications. Patients should be treated as early as possible to reduce complications so as not to aggravate the disease and increase the difficulty of treatment.

Day-to-day care

1. Reduce bronchial secretion, relieve bronchial spasm, and eliminate bronchial mucosal edema, in order to reduce airway resistance, reduce energy consumption.

2. Eat more vitamin-rich foods, eat more protein-rich foods, eat more high-sugar foods, if necessary, intravenous drip compound amino drum, plasma, albumin.

3. Breathing exercises every day, insist on exercise, improve their immunity and disease resistance, enhance physical fitness.

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