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How To Nurse Damaged Kidney For Renal Insufficiency Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-08-07 16:07

Nurse Damaged Kidney,Renal InsufficiencyIf renal insufficiency is not treated in time, the condition of the disease is further developed, it may lead to renal failure and uremia. It is a great threat to the life safety of the patients. In the face of renal insufficiency, the patient should pay attention to nursing, nursing the kidney, relieve the disease and help the early recovery.

Clinically, patients with renal insufficiency can cause a series of abnormal bleeding symptoms. After suffering from renal insufficiency, if the treatment is improper or can not effectively control the deterioration of the disease process, it will aggravate the symptoms of patients with renal insufficiency, and eventually it will be changed into uremia.

In the face of severe renal insufficiency, patients should pay attention to treatment and care:

1. Dietary special attention should be paid to protein intake should be appropriate, metabolites in the human body mainly from the diet protein components. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of the remaining kidneys, protein intake must be compatible with the excretory capacity of the kidneys.

2. such as dairy products, bone marrow, egg yolk, meat pine, animal viscera and so on also meet the above conditions, but because of their high phosphorus content is not suitable to eat, as phosphorus storage can promote the further deterioration of the function of the kidney. To reduce the amount of phosphorus in food, meat, potatoes, fish and so on should be boiled and discarded before cooking.

3. while taking a low protein diet, we must also replenish energy. At least 35,000 calories per kilogram of body weight, mainly supplied by sugar, can eat chocolate, jam, honey, fruit, sucrose products.

4. in addition to the above situation, renal insufficiency patients should also pay attention to salt intake, renal insufficiency patients should be determined by the amount of salt, such as edema, hypertension, the appropriate use of low salt diet, two grams of salt a day.

There are many aspects of the nursing of renal insufficiency, here is a simple analysis of the attention of the diet. Please pay more attention to the daily diet and avoid the incorrect diet.

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