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Herbs Help Restore My Renal Function

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-02-08 15:55

The kidneys are excretory organs that can help cleanse the Blood, regulate blood pressure, maintain electrolyte balance, and so on. However, if the kidneys are damaged severely, the patient must want to restore their kidneys. In fact, some Herbs can help achieve this goal. Following this article to know more about the herbs, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR in directly.

What causes Kidney damage?

Various of reasons cause kidneys to lose their renal function. For example, it can cause PKD, Genetic Disorders, and renal cysts enlarged to oppress their surrounding tissues, Kidney and other organs, resulting in less Blood Flow to the kidneys. Otherwise, immune system can cause immune complexes ACCUMULATE in the kidneys, leading to ischemia renal anoxia in damaged kidneys. From the above analysis, we can know the kidney damage is due to the lack of Blood to the kidneys.

Herbs to help repair the kidneys.

According to the causes of renal damage, we all know that Chinese Herbal Medicine are useful for damaged kidney, which can improve kidney function gradually. According to this requirement, the Herbs with the following properties can help to restore the structure of Filtering of the kidneys.

1. Dissolving pathogenic factors: some chinese Medicines have strong immune Competence, which can help eliminate pathogenic factors of the body.

2. Improving Blood Circulation: it has been reported that a normal circulation of the blood has a close relationship with the State of Health of the kidneys.a normal circulation of the blood can provide enough nutrients and Oxygen to Kidney inherent cells, as well as for the Recovery of the Blood Circulation.

3. Asking the ability of Self - healing of damaged Kidney: Kidney cells and cells with Disabilities can increase their ability of Self - healing, the kidneys can Reconstruct its structure gradually Filtering Kidney.

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