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Why Dialysis Cause Hair Loss

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-02-07 14:27

The hair is a common problem among patients with renal failure, and some of them found this problem becomes more serious after starting Dialysis. If you are facing the problem that you can following this article, or consult ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why Dialysis aggravate the hair loss?

Renal failure is the main cause of hair loss in many cases, It is common to see patients, who have started dialysis, frequent Dialysis actually worsen the loss of hair. The following are the reasons:

1. Low protein in the blood

The Kidney is responsible for filtering blood and when the kidneys fail to perform this function, it requires Dialysis to purify the blood. Dialysis cleans The Blood outside the body of the patient. Eliminates the creatinine and urea nitrogen of the blood; however, during this process, some Protein will be carried away too. The hair is composed of Protein. When renal failure patients become malnourished, Hair falling out.

2. Zinc Deficiency

Zinc Deficiency should also be blamed for the loss of hair in some cases of dialysis. In such condition, zinc supplements and diet rich in zinc are useful.

3. The problem of Thyroid

Thyroid problem is another cause of hair loss in patients undergoing dialysis. There is a high risk of thyroid disease when the kidneys fail to function properly, so it runs a high risk of Hair Loss with renal insufficiency. Thyroid problem is a possible Complication of renal failure, but not everyone will suffer from Thyroid problems, so that not everyone with Dialysis has a problem of Hair Loss.

4. Hair Loss can also result from the change of type of dialyzer

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