Can Chinese Medicines Restore Renal Function in Renal Failure

2018-01-04 15:43

Can Chinese Medicines Restore Renal Function in Renal FailureCan Chinese medicines restore renal function in Renal Failure? When patients are found out renal failure, Kidney Dialysis may be asked to help replace damaged kidney to work. However, dialysis is not a perfect way for them and increasing patients would like to try Chinese medicines.

In normal cases, the kidneys have great compensatory ability. In other words, despite your kidneys are damaged left 10% healthy nephrones, they still can maintain your body. Therefore, our nephrologists always require patients take effective measures to protect their residual renal function. Most patients may start dialysis early and are tortured by various adverse effects and complications of western medicines and long-term dialysis. This is bad for kidney protection and most patients may have to change their failure kidney with a new kidney, which needs time to find the suitable kidney resource.

In renal failure, there are three kinds of cells, that is, damaged cells, dead cells, and resting cells. The reason why some kidneys cells are resting is that the blocked microcirculation in kidneys, thus causing renal ischemia and anoxia state. At the same time large amount of immune complexes deposit in kidneys, leading to kidney cells damage.

The key of activating cells and regenerating kidney function is to improve renal ischemia and anoxia state and expel immune complexes. In Beijing tongshanang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, many natural therapies based on TCM are invented to help remove immune complexes from glomerular membranes, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, thus more enough nutrients and oxygen to kidneys to relieve renal ischemia and anoxia state fundamentally. Most importantly, the treatments can repair damaged kidney tissues and cells as well as restore renal function. Chinese medicines can control various complications to slow down the progression of renal failure, including anemia, high blood pressure, High Creatinine .eve., high Bun levels, etc.

Renal failure is not so terrible, and kidney dialysis or kidney transplant is not the only choice for you. If you are interested in Chinese medicine treatment for regenerating renal function, please email or leave a message in the below form or click ONLINE DOCTOR for free guidance.

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