Is There Any Mean of Treating Renal Failure without Dialysis

2017-11-17 14:05

Treating Renal Failure without Dialysis,Toxin-Removing TreatmentAlong with more and more patients demand to live high quality life, Renal Failure patients prefer taking better therapy to help them avoid Kidney Dialysis. Well then, is there any mean of treating renal failure without dialysis?

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Renal failure means your kidneys are severely damaged.

As for renal failure patients, the kidney functions have been decreased a lot more than 50% and they may suffer from some symptoms like blood in urine, Proteinuria, Edema and High Creatinine Level. But some patients do not severe symptoms that threaten their life, in this case, dialysis is not needed.

The key point of treatment should focus on repairing these damaged kidney tissues and cells and then improve some of your renal detoxification function to make yourself kidneys work again by themselves.

There are other means of treating renal failure without dialysis.

The premise of avoiding dialysis is that you still have residual renal function and you can produce urine volume.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, we mainly adopt comprehensive Toxin-Removing Treatment to achieve the above two goals effectively. It will firstly cleanse your blood so as to increase the medication efficiency and protect the residual renal function from further damage.

After cleansing your blood, the efficient substances of Chinese medicines can work on the kidneys effectively to dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, degrade extracellular matrix, remove blood stasis, offer nutrients and oxygen to kidneys. After a couples of weeks of treatments, your kidney damage can be repaired gradually and then your renal function can also be improved to some extent. It is possible for you to avoid kidney dialysis successfully.

Is there any mean of treating renal failure without dialysis? Yes. Toxin-Removing Treatment can do it. If you wanna get more details about it and our hospital, please leave a message in the below form or email medical reports to us. We will do utmost to help you. Best wishes!


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