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How to Increase Urine Output for People with Shrunken Kidneys

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-09 10:58

How to Increase Urine Output for People with Shrunken KidneysTwo shrunken kidneys reveal kidneys are losing their functioning tissues gradually, while one basic kidney function is to form urine and eliminate metabolic wastes. Therefore, it is common to find urine output declines along with kidney shrinking. Well, is there a treatment to increase urine output for people with shrunken kidneys?

Shrunken kidneys

In clinic, shrunken kidneys are mainly due to congenital malformation or end stage kidney disease. Both of these two conditions are one process in which more and more kidney functioning tissues are damaged or even necrotic because of ischemia and anoxia. Then, diseased kidneys produce less urine.

How to increase urine output for people with shrunken kidneys?

To increase urine output means to improve patients’ kidney function and prompt the recovery of damaged kidney inherent cells. As it isn’t easy to manage shrinking kidneys, a systemic treatment is needed.

Firstly, some auxiliary detoxification medicines should be taken to lower creatinine and some other toxins, because many waste products have accumulated in the blood with low kidney function. In this step, oral detoxification medicine, Chinese medicine enema therapy and Medicated Bath may be recommended. Enema therapy is able to help intestinal tract to eliminate toxins, while medicated bath can remove them out by boosting blood circulation all over the body and sweating.

Secondly, shrunken kidneys result from ischemia and anoxia. For this reason, Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy can be used for anti-inflammation, increasing blood flow into kidneys, expanding blood vessels and anti-coagulation. This therapy can help manage immune reaction in the kidneys and improve the recovery of kidney function.

Finally, we use stem cells to differentiate into new kidney cells. As long as new kidney cells play their function normally, diseased kidneys can become living and fresh again. Finally, patients’ own kidneys can produce enough urine output.

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